SLK Terp Slush Live Resin


Greybeard Live Resin Terp Slush is an elevated version of the ever-popular HTFSE (High-Terpene Full-Spectrum Extract), carefully made from cannabis grown outdoors. As they harvest, their crop is flash-frozen to seal in the cannabinoids and terpenes until they are ready to be extracted through their hydrocarbon process, resulting in highly aromatic and flavourful concentrates. SLK is a Greybeard-only cultivar that consistently achieves between 17-22% THC, with pungent terpenes that highlight an earthy, peppered citrus profile, making this proprietary strain an easy choice for even the most fickle cannasseur. SLK Terp Slush is tropical on the nose with blasts of mango, banana and mouthwatering fruit smoothie aromas. Visually, it's a bright, beautiful chardonnay yellow. Greybeard Live Resin Terp Slush also has a wonderfully granular consistency that makes it a breeze to use in dab rigs and pens.

Available variations

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1g Live Resin$61.75Low Stock

Additional Info

THC: 74.4-77.76%

CBD: 0.1-0.2%

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