Jack Herer Pre-Roll


Jack Herer is synonymous with deep roots in cannabis. Much like its namesake, the Jack Herer strain is powerful, bold and has a cult following. Indiva is excited to bring their take on this very high THC potency potential classic strain to Canadian consumers. It offers a spicy and piney profile. Its top terpenes include myrcene (present in hops, bay leaves, and lemongrass), pinene (also found in pines, conifers, rosemary and sage), and caryophyllene (present in black pepper, cloves and balsam). Grown in Indiva's state-of-the-art aeroponic facility based in London, Ontario, Jack Herer is available in 0.5 g pre-rolls. INDIVAs pre-rolls use only flower and never trim. They are hand-finished and hand-weighed to deliver consistently exceptional experiences.

Available variations

VariationPriceStatusAdd to Cart
2x0.50g Pre-Rolls$12.25Low Stock

Additional Info

THC: 18.8-21.2%

CBD: 0-1.1%

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