BC Live Rosin

Canna Farms

This solventless Live Rosin product is made from Canna Farms cannabis. The fresh cannabis is frozen and then turned directly into bubble hash, which is put through a freeze-drying process. The bubble hash is converted into a rosin concentrate that is pressed to produce an amber concentrate. The Live Rosin burns clean with no residual plant material. This product requires attention to detail. It takes a lot of labour and exact timing to ensure all live product is frozen, never heat-dried and turned into the final Live Rosin concentrate within 24 hours of harvesting the plants. Inspired by the mountainous scenery that surrounds its facility, Canna Farms grows its plants using glacial-fed groundwater, without any pesticides or foliar sprays.

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Additional Info

THC: 74.6%

CBD: 1.3%

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