THC Drops


Vertical's THC Oil Drops are extracted from cannabis strains grown indoors in a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical grade facility utilizing Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Vertical's extraction process is designed to efficiently convert premium dried cannabis flower into a quality finished product using a premium olive oil as a carrier oil. Vertical's cannabis drops allow for simple and discreet usage.

Available variations

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30ml$57.95In Stock

Additional Info

THC: 21.7mg/ml

CBD: 0mg/ml

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Cold Creek Kush

THC: 20.79-21.2%

CBD: 0.8-0.9%

Type: Indica

Category: Dried Flower

Cold Creek Kush Pre Roll

THC: 21%

CBD: 0.9%

Type: Indica

Category: Pre-Rolled

THC Softgels 2.5mg

THC: 2.34mg

CBD: 0-0.1mg

Type: Hybrid

Category: Capsules

Balanced Drops 30ml

THC: 5.3mg/ml

CBD: 8mg/ml

Type: Blend

Category: Oils