Orange CKS Pre-Roll


Orange CKS is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain hailing from the Girl Scout Cookies lineage crossed with Orange Juice. It has a high THC potency potential with little-to-no CBD. The buds of this strain are tapered and bright green with fiery orange pistils. Bursting with zesty notes of tangerine and lime, Orange CKS has a citrusy terpene profile that is pleasing to the palate. Herbal-scented with its terpinolene-dominant profile, this strain is balanced by peppery caryophyllene and rounded out by earthy myrcene— a terpene also found in hops, lemongrass, and mango.

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1x1g Pre-Rolls$15.95In Stock

Additional Info

THC: 16.43%

CBD: 0.11%

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